Dear Members and Friends,
After 2020, a disastrous year and year in which the A.I.T.E decided to suspend all types of event not to put the health of its components at risk, here we are again ready to get back on track.
The passion we put into the organization of our events is great and that is why in the last ones weeks, after receiving a positive response from the various institutions involved, we thought it was time to organize a demonstration.
We will do it in Verbania, suggestive and splendid town located on the Piedmontese shore of Lake Maggiore, a location that has seen us protagonists too in 2018, enjoying considerable success thanks to the large participation of Members and Friends who exhibited their wonderful historic vehicles.
If any of you want to be there with your vintage truck or bus, please contact me as soon as possible as the number of vehicles present is limited.

If anyone is interested in participating, please contact me as soon as possible via mail:

We are waiting for you in Verbania for a greeting.


The A.I.T.E. - Italian Association of Vintage Transportation - comes from a group of friends to the truck lovers and antique courier in order to preserve pieces of history that should be forgotten and to preserve the memory of a trade that is being lost, and it is no longer what it was then.

The commitment of A.I.T.E. is to try on all the territory that remains of historic vehicles: the one still functioning in the semi-scrapped to make sure that is not destroyed. It is not an easy job, many vehicles of great interest are still operating and are exploited to the maximum and then be demolished.

But in addition to the vehicles there is a huge photographic heritage hidden in drawers or attics and cellars that must be unearthed and preserved to avoid the danger of destruction and "forgetfulness".

From the early years of its foundation the A.I.T.E. has organized events in which all could look back at some of the roads more "experienced" by truck and coaches, giving life "Historical commemorations" on Passo of Bracco in 2010 and Passo of Cisa in 2011.

Remember some prestigious gatherings in the "Historical Capitals" of transportation like Tortona, Mantova, Bergamo, Reggio Emilia and Bologna and in some locations features such as San Felice in Alta Val di Non, Lodi, Crema, Lovere, Grazzano Visconti, Lochere di Caldonazzo, Varallo e Fobello in Valsesia where a large and amazed peoples could admire rare vehicles, sometimes uniques and above all could remember a time that no longer exists and the job of drivers of the past, that to do their job were forced to great sacrifices.

The A.I.T.E commitment is also addressed to the young people who have the right to know and appreciate what's been before them.

In the meantime, however, meet old and new friends during the demonstrations, amended in part the association's philosophy without even realizing it became ... or rather evolved: from what it was a combination of truck and courier become an association of people !!!

A transformation should not be underestimated because the original will to gather, display and circulate vintage trucks end courier it has gone to the joy and pleasure of being among people: men and women.

Among the merits of A.I.T.E, in fact, there is also that it has opened this world to the female figures which refine this universe considered as exclusively male.

This is the A.I.T.E. and that is why we join it means to give real support to a serious commitment, professional and concrete without which a piece of history would be lost.



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